Call for Full Length Paper

Topics: The specific topics of the conference include, but are not limited to

Tracks: The submissions are divided into three tracks, namely the Research Track, the Trends and Perspectives Track, and the Applications and Deployment Track. The contributors are advised to choose the track that best suits their work.

The Research Track incorporates papers that present novel work contributing significantly to the advancement of EdTech. The submissions should list the research gaps and research contributions filling the said gaps. A section comparing the results of the research with existing benchmarks is highly desirable.

The Trends and Perspectives Track explores the state of the art in the mentioned disciplines.

The Applications and Deployment Track accepts papers showcasing the latest advancements and applications of EdTech. Once any technology or methodology originates from the research community, its challenges and benefits are explored by its concrete usage in a practical setting. The application of any research in real-world use cases sets the stage for its visibility. The Applications and Deployment Track is exactly for this purpose. This track seeks submission for applied EdTech. The submissions should list the benefits; the presented application reaps from SITs. In addition to the real-world, the Applications and Deployment Track also welcomes Resources such as the vocabularies, datasets, evaluation benchmarks, and the software. 

Submission Guidelines

Submissions in all tracks must be in English with the following page length (pages of around 400 words each):

Call for Workshops/ Special Session Proposals

 The International EdTech Conference 2023 (IEdTC 2023) invites proposals for special sessions on the emerging topics related to the general theme of the conference. The acceptance of the proposal will be subject to the link, its specific theme is able to have with the conference major theme, i.e., Ed-Tech. 


The proposals should be in a pdf file of maximum two pages long and to be submitted via email to, with cc to The proposals must include the following:



Should you have any queries regarding your Workshop/Special Session proposal, please contact at We look forward to seeing you at the Conference! 

Call for Technical Program Committee

Researchers and practitioners from all over the world, from academia, industry, and the government are invited to participate in the conference and share their perspectives, experiences, and vision by joining the Technical Program Committee. Kindly email your interest to the general chairs, in case you are interested.